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BAA Baseball Umpires Program

The BAA Baseball Umpire program was introduced with the ideals of improving the quality of umpires for BAA games, ensuring that games have umpires and maintaining the overall image of BAA.  We do this through training clinics, rules testing and evaluations.

If you think you would like to join, please visit the Become an Umpire page to apply or check out FAQs for more information.  Or if you have questions, please contact the Chief Umpire at the information found on our Contact page.
Bloomington Athletic Association

The Bloomington Athletic Association was organized in 1953 by Arnie Johnson after once again cutting youths from a baseball team. He resolved to find a way that would give ALL kids the opportunity to participate in organized sports.   In 1954, Arnie presented a plan for the formation of an athletic program based on the tenet that if youth boys wanted to play a sport, he should play, without regard to ability and at an affordable cost. In the early 1960s, through the efforts of Betty Lokken, girls' sports were added.  The outcome of these efforts was the formation of the Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA).  
BAA is an all volunteer sports organization.  Over the past 50 years, BAA has grown to provide opportunities for over 5,800 participants annually in 10 different sports programs. The program is exclusively run by volunteers and operates with a $375,000 budget.  It has been reported that BAA is the largest volunteer youth sports organization in the Country.

(Information from the BAA Website: Mission/History)