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Expectations of Umpires

  • Provide valid contact information for dissemination of information, specifically:
    • Email: for use in reminding about schedule updates & posting.
    • Phone: for use in late-minute schedule changes or contact for failing to report to a game.
  • Provide schedule availability prior to season for scheduling
  • Request day(s) off in-advance should something arise.
    • Saying you cannot work a game after it is posted, without prior notification is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • Notify the scheduler via phone or email of a change of umpires
    • This should be done by both parties for verification purposes.
  • Be on-time for all games.
    • This means being at the field 20-minutes prior to a 1-man game and 30-minutes prior to a 2-man game.
  • Sign the scorecard of BOTH teams legibly with your name and number.
    • This is how you will be paid, so it is in your best interest.

Expectations of Leadership Team

  • Provide scheduling for all games at least 1-week in advance of start-date.
  • E-mail updates when there are changes made to the schedule.
    • These are simply reminders, should you not get an email you should still check the website at least once a week.
  • Provide prompt updates in the event of games being moved from/to locations.
    • Understand this is not usually our decision we are simply relaying the information.
  • Work with umpires to provide names of those available should an umpire be unavailable.
    • We will help to get a replacement by giving you information, but once a game is assigned it is the responsibility of the umpire to be there or find a suitable substitute.
  • Response to all emails, texts and voice messages within 24-hours of receipt or sooner, with the exception of known in-season vacations.

General Notes

  • The schedule will be available online at
  • Prior to the or beginning of the season please fill-out the Registration Form (this form is how the schedule is made, if you do not fill it out you will not be scheduled for any games)
  • Should you need to change your info mid-season please an email to Jackie and CC Grant.
  • Please understand that there could be many umpires and a limited number of games. We will do our best to get you the number of games you want per week, but we have to do that for all the umpires so sometimes we will not be able to meet that goal. Thank you for your understanding in this manner.

Missed Game Policy

  • Not able to make the start of a game
    • Immediately call the Umpire Hotline (612-564-UMPS) and either speak to someone or leave a voicemail. Let them know if you are unable to make it or will simply be late.
    • Should you not be able to make it at all, you will be given a No Call-No Show (NCNS) for the game, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.
  • No Call-No Show (NCNS)
    • If you are scheduled for a game and do not appear, we will attempt to get a hold of you the night of the game at the phone number provided.
      • This will only happen if someone at the field calls us.
      • Should you get to the field that night and complete the game, you will NOT be given a NCNS.
    • If we are unable to get a hold of you, we will attempt to get another umpire to cover the game.
      • Should we get another umpire and both appear at the field the replacement umpire has first choice for working the game.
      • Although an umpire has covered the game, the original umpire will still be given a NCNS.
    • Umpires with a NCNS do not get paid for the scheduled game and will also be docked the pay of 1 additional game (of the same level).
    • Should an umpire accrue 2 NCNS in a row, they will be removed from active scheduling and will need to speak with the Chief Umpire and Coordinator to be reinstated
    • If after being reinstated that umpire accrues a 3rd NCNS they will be removed again.


  • Payment for games umpired (or docked for NCNS) are as follows:
   < 4 years experience  > 4 years experience
 Cubs  $50  $55
 Midgets  $55  $60
 Bantams  $60
 Bantams Solo  $65
 Majors  $65
 Majors Solo  $70
 Rainout (all levels)  $10